The reports below evidence the opportunity and need for a National Nature Service for Wales.

Green jobs could help prevent decades of economic scarring

Friends of the Earth statistics show that the investment needed in green jobs could help prevent the economic scarring impact from periods of unemployment under Covid as well as ensure that net zero climate goals are not derailed.

Act on the nature and climate crisis

Tackle the ongoing nature and climate emergencies by harnessing Wales’s people-power to restore and protect the natural environment

Create custodians

Ensure that in future everyone in Wales understands, and knows how to be good custodians of, the natural systems that allow life in our communities – and on earth – to thrive

An overview of the case for a National Nature Service

RSPB Cymru urge Welsh government to invest in habitat restoration, creation and management via a green jobs and skills scheme like the National Nature Service.

Invest in infrastructure and skills for a sustainable recovery

Wales TUC commissioned this report which recommends 16 infrastructure projects totalling £6 billion in public investment that can create over 59 thousand jobs in Wales for the next two years. The projects meet a set of World Bank-derived criteria including long-term job creation, resilience and sustainability.

Nature restoration investment holds potential for a green recovery

The New Economics Foundation (NEF) highlights the poor adult skills development in Wales prior to the pandemic and outlines the potential that nature restoration and other sectors have to foster job creation for a green recovery. A key priority according to the report is for Welsh Government’s employability and skills programmes to ensure that they are preparing workers for the industries of the future.

Skilled green jobs are essential to recovery

The case for skilled green jobs is supported by Wales Environment Link – a network of environmental, countryside and heritage NGOs.

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