What does a green job look like?

Green jobs can be found in a wide range of different industries and sometimes the job titles don’t explain what the role involves day-to-day. We spoke to people working across the land and nature skills sectors, to find out what the work looks like, behind the job titles, and how they got there.

“The work we are doing is vital – unless we can reconnect people with land and nature, as a foundation, we are never going to get anywhere. But there are so few of these jobs around. We need more of these roles, and better career progression too. Young people want to have a job that has meaning.”

— Dan Lock, Landscape Culture and Identity Convenor, Valleys Regional Park, South Wales

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If you’re interested in finding out more, read the detailed case studies below.

Volunteering: a pathway to work

Luke has autism, and had no previous experience of outdoor environmental work. How did volunteering boost his confidence and help him find a pathway to work?

Becoming a trainee ranger with Kickstart

Rhys has been working with Groundwork Wales as part of the UK Governments Kickstart Scheme – find out what it’s like to be part of the scheme, and where he hope to take his experience.

Practical skills to launch a career

Rachel used volunteering to build her practical skills, from fence building to path maintenance, and now has work as a park ranger.

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